Personal Website of Johann Birnick

A photo of me on a hiking trip.

Hi, I’m Johann. I’m interested in mathematics and computer science. More concretely, here is a list with some of my interests, roughly ordered by their usefulness in the real world / industry (which is also roughly the order in which I became interested in them):

Over the last three years, attacking elliptic curve based cryptography has been a great motivation for me to learn about arithmetic geometry, and that’s where I learned about the first block above. Now, I look more into applied math and computer science.

I like to combine elegant theory with useful practice.

If time allows (not right now, of course!), I would also be interested in an engineering project outside of my “comfort zone”, for example involving biotech, chemistry, or mechanical engineering. I would also like to learn more about biology and neuroscience at some point.

Feel free to contact me via [firstname].[lastname] (PGP Public Key), I’m always happy to speak about math, computer science, engineering, life, and everything else.

This subpage was last updated in July 2023.